Vegetation surveys for council planning permission



Vegetation surveys for planning permissions


A vegetation survey /  landscape plan, is often a required by local councils as part of planning permissions. This needs to be prepared by a suitably qualified person. Usually the plan will need to incorporate some or all of the following:

A plan showing existing vegetation, with all trees identified and their latin names,
common names, trunk diameter, canopy size and whether they are to be removed or retained.

The vegetation survey /  landscape plan will show proposed new planting, often conforming to the councils policy regarding use of natives and indigenous plants.

The type of hard surfacing, mulch, and other materials need to be noted.
Tree protection notes. We have had many years of experience in preparing these vegetation surveys and understand the councils needs.

The cost will depend on the complexity of the job as well as what information can be provided. Whilst PDF plans are ok, it is quicker (and Cheaper!) to provide CAD files (dxf. dwg. files) that can be used as our base.

A few photograps also help.

If you would like to discuss options, then contact us.


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