Dry Creek Beds



Dry creek beds


Dry creek beds are a practical and attractive solution for areas of the garden that tend to accumulate puddles of water consistently after rainfall.
If you have a sloping area in the garden that is being eroded away, with a natural gutter being formed after heavy rain, then this could be the spot to build a dry creek bed to allow drainage to flow where it is directed.

Dry creek beds need very little maintenance once established and debris collected in the bed will only add to the natural effect. They can be planted out with suitable plants such as grasses, reeds and a host of water tolerant plants within the creek bed, and any suitable plant outside of the creek to add colour.

These features usually only hold water temporarily for a short time after a downpour
and can be used to direct water to a drainage point.


When creating a dry creek bed, the shape and depression has to be dug out and then built up with aggregate, pebbles, river pebbles and then larger rocks are strategically placed.

A foot bridge may be added to allow crossing of the creek in the event that the creek is holding water. This adds a practical and attractive element to the dry creek bed.

dry creek bed foot bridge close up creek another view of dry creek
Railway sleeper foot
bridge over dry creek.

“Dry Creek Bed Photos”


established dry creek bed

creek bed after water has drained away

creek bed holding water

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