Coastal Gardens

Design Gardens for Coastal Conditions


A coastal garden has to tolerate a variety of challenges such as salt spray, high winds and a soil that is hydrophobic (repels water) and is poor in nutrients. However on the plus side being coastal we are virtually frost free.

Once we have targeted these problem areas we can move forward and select plants that not only survive but thrive in these conditions. A great source of plant’s is, your local native nursery, it is always best, if possible, to purchase indigenous plants that have been raised locally using local seed provenance.

A coastal garden dosen’t have to be limited to a single genre eg: crushed rock, natives and grasses. Most design styles can be achieved by a sympathetic use of space, materials and right plant choice. At Abben Art we have found a detailed planting plan an invaluable tool for ensuring against the costly mistake of wrong plant wrong place.

As many coastal properties fall into the category of holiday homes it is important to bear this in mind when designing and constructing a coastal garden as low maintenance would be a priority for a home that is not your main residence.


To be waterwise in your garden design, why not try

  • A dry river bed.
  • Drought resistant /tolerant plants.
  • Local indigenous plants
  • Recycling Grey water.
  • installing water tanks.
  • dripper hoses connected to a timer.
  • Removal of lawn areas & replacing with crushed rock/mulch/drought tolerant plants.
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